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Red Bull Claim Mercedes and Ferrari Copied Their Academy Concept

Red Bull Claim Mercedes and Ferrari Copied Their Academy Concept

Red Bull have often been criticised for their management of their own driver academy. However, Red Bull advisor, Dr Helmut Marko has elected to ignore said criticism. Instead, he claimed that Ferrari and Mercedes‘ recent success is only down to copying his innovation.

The likes of Sebastian VettelDaniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen have found fame and fortune after graduating to F1 through the Red Bull system, while Pierre GaslyDaniil KvyatCarlos Sainz and Alexander Albon are all on the current grid after passing through.

The pool of drivers has seemed to dry up since Verstappen’s promotion, prompting Marko to draft in three drivers who had previously been dropped by the system in recent years: Brendon Hartley, Kvyat and Albon, who will spend the remainder of 2019 in the senior line-up after replacing Gasly.

Ferrari have enjoyed success this year with Charles Leclerc in their line-up, while Mercedes have Esteban Ocon and George Russell in the wings, but Marko says Red Bull’s system remains the one to beat.

Helmut Marko with one of the ‘failed’ graduates, Pierre Gasly

“I was the first to create a driver training system like this,” Marko told AutoSportWeb. “Ferrari and Mercedes just copied it.”

“I’m proud that the Red Bull system works very well. It’s obvious if you look at successive Red Bull drivers.”

Of the drought, Marko countered: “It’s just a short-term problem. Young talents are growing well.”

Red Bull’s clutches reach far and wide, with Marko recounting his decision not to sign a driver in his younger days that is now a feature on the F1 grid.

“I once had an interest in a driver, who is active in F1,” Marko said.

“I thought he was a very good driver. But he lacked the speed over one lap. So I decided not to hire him, but as a result my view was right.

“He is still doing well in the race, but inferior to his team-mates in qualifying. I think that there is a problem there that cannot make a step forward.”

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