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Red Bull Sends Dire Warning to Honda Ahead of 2019

Red Bull Sends Dire Warning to Honda Ahead of 2019

Red Bull chief Helmut Marko has piled the pressure on Honda, ahead of their 2019 tie-up. He sensationally suggested that Red Bull could leave Formula One if their new relationship with Honda does not result in race wins and championship wins. The outfit hadh recently decided to ditch Renault in favour of the Japanese engine manufacturer.

Although they are considered a ‘big three’ team alongside Ferrari and Mercedes, Red Bull have not competed for a championship since the days of Sebastian Vettel‘s dominance.

Before the summer break, the team announced that they would be ending their partnership with Renault, with Honda set to provide engines from the 2019 campaign onwards.

Marko’s words suggest it could be the last throw of the dice for Red Bull, as if the Honda relationship doesn’t work out, they could leave F1.

“We are pleased with the great cooperation with Honda for the coming years, and if this cooperation, for whatever reason, does not work as expected, then Red Bull will leave Formula 1,” Marko said.

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Dr Helmut Marko

Honda have witnessed their reputation being damaged over the past few years due to their connection with McLaren’s troubles on the track. They came close to leaving F1 without a team to provide power units to, but Marko claims they convinced them to carry on as Red Bull’s engine manufacturers.

“The cooperation with Honda has been running very well with Toro Rosso so far,” Marko continued in reference to Red Bull’s junior outfit.

“After the McLaren disaster, Honda was close to a departure from Formula 1 at the end of 2017 and we really had to convince the Japanese in intensive conversations that they could resume with us to start.”

Red Bull are currently third in the 2018 constructor’s championship and are eager to end their Renault association. In Monza, it was heartbreak as Daniel Ricciardo spluttered to a halt, albeit with a clutch failure. But the continued reliability woes have done little to endear the French manufacturer to the Austrian outfit.

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