Red Bull gives us it’s 2017 powerhouse: The RB13

February 26, 2017 6:11 pm

The last of the Juggernaut to break cover, it was worth the wait.

Yesterday Helmut Marko promised everyone that the RB13 would be a sexy and fast beast and the Milton Keynes team remained true to their word and presented to us a stunner of a car.

The 2017 regs when being written had the predominant aim of making the cars up to 5 seconds faster. However, inter alia one of the aims was to make the cars aesthetically pleasing but so far the response has been mixed with some people loving the new designs while others saying its way too much. Red Bull under the designing ingenuity of Adrian Newey has been able to translate the rules into beautiful looking cars and trend continues in 2017.

Without further mambo-jumbo, presenting to you The RB13:

The car is a simple and does not feature a ton of aerodynamic elements like its other rivals. The car features a thumb tip nose and a shark fin but the paint job and livery design have done a great job in making the things not look too big in proportion. The car features smaller Sidepod openings and smaller bargeboards.

Proper images have not been released by the team so far so stay tuned for further updates.


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