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Red Bull’s Helmut Marko Issues New Threat to Quit if Engine Rules are not Changed

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko Issues New Threat to Quit if Engine Rules are not Changed


Formula One’s sporting manager Ross Brawn is undoubtedly doing his very best to improve the sport. But Red Bull’s Dr Helmut Marko feels that it isn’t enough and has tabled fresh demands to improve the sport or else Red Bull leaves the sport. “The idea is very simple. We want an engine that is 1000hp, with a single standard KERS and battery, and development does not cost more than 15-20 million,” said Marko “They should have sound, and allow the driver to make the difference. And independent companies like Ilmor and Cosworth should be able to enter so that we or McLaren can use them if we want,”

Helmut Marko
Picture Credit: Grand Prix 247

Marko confirmed that if the demands were not met, then the Austrian outfit would have no other choice than to pull out of Formula One. Marko said that last year, Mercedes and Ferrari refused to provide them with an engine and Renault was forced to provide them with one. The Austrian wishes to see a situation where they are on equal terms with other manufacturers and are not in a position to be blackmailed by the said manufacturers. They currently lie third in the constructors standings and are under threat from Force India in fourth. Red Bull have 72 points compared to Force India’s 53, but the fact that the latter had a double points finish in all 5 races this season could be a reason for concern. Even Daniel Ricciardo’s podium in Barcelona failed to improve the mood because they were more than 75 seconds adrift of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

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