Red Bull to Observe Honda and Renault Performance in Montreal

May 16, 2018 11:33 pm

There have been reports floating around of Red Bull potentially changing their engine supplier as they look at options other than Renault. One of the names in the ring is Honda and Red Bull chief, Christian Horner said that he would be looking closely at the Honda and the Renault performance at the Canadian Grand Prix in June.

Horner wants to assess performance properly before making a decision

He said, “We’re hoping for a performance increase around Montreal time when there’s a next engine introduction. Potentially both engine suppliers are bringing an upgrade around Montreal so we wait and see with interest.”

Red Bull’s sister team, Toro Rosso tied up with Japanese manufacturer, Honda to supply their engines this year. This has meant that Horner and his team are keeping a close eye on the proceedings at Toro Rosso and how they work in a detailed manner.

The result of the Honda and the Renault performance could also potentially affect Daniel Ricciardo’s future at Red Bull. Horner addressed it, saying “We appreciate that there’s certain things that have to pan out and respect Daniel taking a little bit of time to be comfortable with his decision-making. I think he’s keen to know what our choice of engines is moving forward.”

He also outlined why Red Bull had not made a decision yet, ”We want to have the most competitive package for next season and seasons beyond that as possible, hence the reason for the time.”

After fairly disappointing weekend in Barcelona, Red Bull will be hoping to turn things around in Monte Carlo. Daniel Ricciardo has already declared his intentions for the title with a win in China. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen has to worry about keeping his nose clean all race. He has gotten way too close to other cars in all 5 races so far.

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