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Cyril Abiteboul States Red Bull Are What They Are Today Thanks To Renault

Cyril Abiteboul States Red Bull Are What They Are Today Thanks To Renault

Regardless of what age one may be living in, it’s often said that vanity isn’t a good thing ever. Isn’t it? But then, they also say that judging one needlessly isn’t the most sensible thing to do. To that end, would you say that Cyril Abiteboul, in reference to his recent comments about Red Bull, has made any sense whatsoever? But up first, some truth.

One thing is quite certain about F1. The way there can never be a dull race with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen in it, there can never be a bland response to the media with a certain Cyril Abiteboul around.

Wondering how?

Well, it’s not rocket science. And you needn’t be a pit legend or an experienced pundit to understand that.

Although, being someone from Red Bull may definitely give you an idea to why that is so. But let’s roll the dice. Cyril Abiteboul has made a rather kingly declaration in the regard that he is of the view that Red Bull ‘are what they are today thanks to Renault!’

Now, whether or not you agree with a statement that may just hint at a bit of a narcissistic feel to it, there’s some context to it.

Red Bull

Here’s how.

Back in 2010 and lasting till 2013, Red Bull with Sebastian Vettel on the driving seat one four back-to-back world titles. They were then powered by Renault, as a matter of fact. But from the onset of 2015, one did get to see the Adrian Newey driven outfit making public criticism of Renault. That the team should either improve or leave F1 completely were some of the things that were said by the side.

So one believes that in lines with these trenchant criticisms, Renault team boss Cyril Abiteboul has made some interesting comments, in hitting back at Red Bull. He was quoted as saying the following:

“Communication is part of this world, it’s part of Formula 1, it’s part of your strategy and your tactics. It’s not the first team and it’s not the last team to use all the weaponry of this world, and frankly, you guys [the media], to influence what is going on.

“I was reading that Max [Verstappen] is happy to take an engine penalty – amazing! That’s part of this world, but I don’t want to lose sight of the fact, and I would concur with Christian in relation to that, our engine was not at the required level in 2014 and 2015.

“There are mitigating circumstances. You know, we were extremely happy and Renault has contributed to making Red Bull what it is today by winning four championships in a row.

So that said, how would one rate his comments- is Mr. Abiteboul being true here or is he in the wrong?

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