Red Bull Set the Record for the Fastest Pitstop

July 22, 2019 3:21 pm

During the British Grand Prix, the Red Bull team had something to smile about, in spite of missing a podium. As it turned out, Pierre Gasly, not only finished in a career equaling 4th place, but also had the fastest pit stop time.

The lightning fast work of the Red Bull pit crew ensured that they broke the 2-second barrier. In fact, they time was an astounding 1.91 seconds. At the time, Gasly was on the medium set of tyres and switched to hard tyres. This was most likely, Gasly’s second and final pit stop, and he made it count.

The Frenchman was able to hold his own and as an added bonus, he beat his teammate Max Verstappen. Though he and Verstappen missed out on a podium, they can take comfort in the fact that they were fast and can take the fight to Ferrari and Mercedes. Finishing ahead of Sebastian Vettel, after his issues, and battling Charles LeClerc was a nice touch though.

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