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Red Bull to take grid penalties in Monza

Red Bull to take grid penalties in Monza

In what can be termed as a “ballsy” move, Red Bull will be taking strategic penalties at the Italian Grand Prix, so as to have a great opportunity at the following race in Singapore.

“I’m fairly certain we will be taking new engines with both cars (at Monza) considering the amount of races left,” team principal Christian Horner said.

“It’s inevitable that we will be staring down the barrel of our next penalty.

“Strategically Monza is the most likely, we don’t want to be going into Singapore with old engines or any risk. ”

“That’s really our next chance to shine.”

Monza, being the quickest of the lot, will favour Mercedes and Ferrari Power Units. On the other hand, Renault Power Unit, being a little far off from the others in terms of both reliability and power, won’t be much effective and the team agrees that it is only up to the drivers to deliver something good.

On the contrary, Singapore is a tight circuit with more corners than the long straights. The track is much similar to Hungary which offers conditions suitable for the Bulls.

Commenting further on the issue, Horner said,  “Hopefully that will become forthcoming in the next few weeks,

“We’ve got an agreement with Renault until 2016 and anything other than that is purely speculation at the moment.

“Our aim is to be as competitive as we can as quickly as we can. First of all we want to understand what the situation with Renault is, what commitment they’ve got to reducing the deficit (to Mercedes).”

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