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Red Bull Team Boss Christian Horner Opens Up on the Progress of Max Verstappen

Red Bull Team Boss Christian Horner Opens Up on the Progress of Max Verstappen

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen pulled off a stand-out performance during the 2019 Formula One season in the team’s maiden season with Honda power. In fact, he defeated both Ferrari drivers to finish third in the world championship behind the Mercedes duo.

So that end, Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner admitted that he was delighted with the Dutchman’s performance, as well as his mentality. In all honesty, Max Verstappen has really stepped up as the team leader and almost single-handedly carried the team to 3rd in the championship.

“I think Max has really grown up this year. He is the leader of the team. I think he has taken on that role with a great sense of responsibility. For me, Max is the most complete driver in Formula 1. The form that he has demonstrated throughout the year is really of a different level,” Horner told the official Formula 1 website. 

Verstappen bagged his first career pole this year and clinched victory in three races, in Austria, Germany, and Brazil respectively. He backed it up with podiums in Australia, Spain, Hungary, Singapore, the United States, and Abu Dhabi.

Horner disclosed that Max Verstappen always commits himself, a hundred percent, to the job at hand. Horner even praised his professionalism in every respect, but he also praised his temperament away from the circuit.

How Will Red Bull and Max Verstappen Tackle 2020?

So, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that Red Bull is keeping one eye on the Formula One title in 2020, especially after their dream season with Honda.

According to Horner, the team’s relationship with Honda couldn’t be much better, and they are reaping the rewards. Red Bull’s reliability, increase in performance and other miscellaneous components, has been a highlight.

Now, Red Bull’s next target is ending Mercedes’ F1 domination and winning their first championship since 2013 with Sebastian Vettel. However, they will also be wary of Ferrari.

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