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Red Bull Team Boss Weighs in on Proposed Qualifying Change

Red Bull Team Boss Weighs in on Proposed Qualifying Change

As part of the 2021 regulations, the FIA has proposed a tweaked qualifying format. Usually, there are three qualifying sessions with a certain number of drivers eliminated. This continues twice until there is a top 10 shootout. However, a few teams, led by Red Bull have some concerns.

But now, Formula One is contemplating a move to introduce a fourth qualifying session. In Q4, the top 8 will compete alongside each other.

Red Bull echoed the sentiments of a number of teams where the issue of tires was raised. They fear that there could be a possibility of lack of tyres remaining.

Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner said, “What you don’t want to end up with is cars not running in Q4 because there are no tyres left. So are there enough tyres to support the initiative?”

Speaking to Planet F1, the Red Bull boss continued, “We’re open to any ideas but you have to really do your homework to make sure we don’t just change for the sake of change.”

“It feels like we’re a little bit short of tyres at the first look at that first four sectors of qualifying. We’re running the simulations.”

Red Bull
Red Bull boss, Christian Horner

“We have already started the simulations, so it is something we are working on,” he explained.

“We are positive about the times [of the sessions] and that the simulation is being done properly to make sure we are not introducing any issues. We are expecting the latest wording for the proposal and then we’ll go through it.”

However, there is a huge chance that this new format may not see the light of day. This is because, tire supplier, Pirelli, are reluctant to increase tire allocation.

Hopefully for the sake of the teams and the fans, a decision is made soon and all parties are in agreement.

Red Bull
Red Bull
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