Reddit Outraged With Apex Legends Season 5

Published 05/18/2020, 1:34 PM EDT

Last week, Respawn dropped the new update for their immensely popular battle royale, Apex Legends, thereby kicking off Season 5. Players couldn’t wait to get started with Loba, map changes, and the first-ever season quest. The update also brought an array of tweaks for several legends and weapons alongside a bunch of bug fixes.


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However, Season 5 did not just bring in the good stuff. For all the bugs the update fixed, it generated several new ones. Some players reported unlocked Legends, currency, and basic menu navigation not appearing. Although the devs rolled out the fix for these issues quickly, the case wasn’t closed yet. Additional users started reporting server lags and the worst of the lot, hit-registration issues.

Hit-registration being the most crucial aspect of gameplay, Respawn put it highest on their list of priorities to get right. They designed a server-side hotfix patch soon to reduce the frequency of the no-hit-reg issues effectively. However, hit-reg problems are still entirely common.


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Hit-registration issue still plaguing Apex Legends

A simple “hit reg” search on the r/apexlegends subreddit, reveals various complaints by disgruntled players. Many others have taken to social media platforms to disclose their tales of shots not registering. Some are reporting shots landing on targets, without the game recording the hit. Others can hear the projectile connect without any damage inflicted.

The poor state of the game upset one such Redditor, u/Shaynel11, who has been playing the game since day one.

These no regs are worse than season 0, been playing since day one and I haven’t seen the game in this poor of a state. from r/apexlegends

User KDMKat replied, “Legit sniping has been a nightmare. It’s like I’m shooting at a ghost.”

The weekly challenge to knock ten people with a sniper was a nightmare,” FrostyTheSunBro agreed.

LooperGamer seems to have figured out a way around the hit-reg issue by using a particular weapon. “Bro, the charge rifle somehow negates the no reg. Literally,” he wrote.

Another Redditor, u/aRefaim, showed us exactly how bad the sniping is in the game.

This is just infuriating from r/apexlegends

NoxiousYapper30 says, “What infuriates me is that you can see the bullet making contact with the shield flashing red, but no damage is taken.”.

Ridix786 hilariously stated, “That’s one strong decoy,” to which Tharuzan001 replied, “Mirage’s buff is just getting better and better.

It’s not just the sniper rifles either. From Wingman to Mastiff to R-99, all guns in the game are undergoing no-reg issues, souring the experience of Apex’s player base.

The devs are aware of the situation, but we also need to be conscious that they are working from home due to the present global scenario. Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment address the issue over the next few days by launching a hotfix that solves the problems.

Did Respawn mislead fans about Season 5?

In other Reddit news, it seems Respawn misinformed about some aspects of the gameplay with Loba from their trailers. User VBabaika posted a clip that is entertaining but disappointing at the same time.


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Respawn lied to us, we can’t do things from trailer in game 🙁 from r/apexlegends

In the trailer, we see Loba jumping off a cliff and using her Jump Drive bracelet to teleport to a cave-like opening to catch her adversaries by surprise. Similarly, the player jumps off the same cliff and throws Loba’s bracelet towards the cave to recreate the iconic scene. However, in reality, Loba plunges to the depths and dies even before getting the chance to activate her ability.


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