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Relive Sam Maxwell’s Incredible Right Hand to Knock Out a Showboating Sabri Sediri

Relive Sam Maxwell’s Incredible Right Hand to Knock Out a Showboating Sabri Sediri

Sam Maxwell and Sabri Sediri in a boxing match

French boxer Sabri Sediri seemed to be comfortably going towards another victory against Sam Maxwell in the WBO European super lightweight title match in March. He had assumed a victory so much that, during the final few seconds of the tenth round, he stopped boxing  and began taunting his opponent.

This, as he immediately found out, was an unforgivable thing to do in a sports arena. What followed Sediri’s taunting shocked those watching the fighting. Sediri went from teasing the opponent in the boxing bout to lying down knocked out cold, within a matter of few seconds.

While the French boxer was busy showboating, Sam Maxwell landed a devastating left hand and a right hand on his face to knock Sediri out.

Sediri might have dominated the super lightweight clash from the beginning, but lost the match in doing what he shouldn’t have done.

The incredible knock out had earned high praise for Maxwell in the boxing community, and is still talked about as one of the most dramatic knockouts.

“Phenomenal KO from @SamMaxwell88, that’s what champions do, find a way!”: fellow boxer Conrad Cummings had said in a tweet after the incredible finish.

Many fans were also excited after the unbelievable scenes on the night. The Sun had quoted a few fans talking about the fight.

Josh Taylor said, “What a stupid stupid laddie !!!! Fully deserved that for the showboating, could have had that fight finished if he had jumped on Sam. Lucky break for Maxwell there, but fair play for staying focused.”

Another said: “The way he’s just bouncing around the ring as if he owns the place and then just gets knocked out.”

Josh Warrington commented: “Like something out of the movies that…. you got to stay switched on! What a KO!”

Another commented: “Great to see. No need for arrogance like that in this sport. Night night sunshine, he’ll remember that one for a long time.”

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