“Reminds Me of Tren Twins”: 21-YO Gymnast-Turned-Diver Known For His Fitness Videos, Gets Bashed by IFFB Pro Coach For Suspiciously Large Build

Published 08/05/2023, 3:01 PM EDT

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Greg Doucette spilled the beans on one of his YouTube videos, clipping a 21-year-old boy named Sam Sulek who nudged the memory of the IFBB pro bodybuilder, and a YouTube personality, analogizing the guy with the “Trend twins.” Doucette is a Guinness World record holder, a bodybuilding coach, and a YouTuber who has laid bare scores of topics concerning fitness. Hence, Greg’s obstinacy to broadcast the tale of this young boy was because he abused performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). 

In proportion to the YouTube video, Sam was a Gymnast-turned-diver who later got impelled and roused by Chris Bumstead, prominently referred to as CBum who blew the lid off confessing his use of PEDs at 18 years of age. So, the catch-22 is people nowadays have zero forbearance, living in a ‘get everything instantly’ age, and bodybuilders and other athletes crave instant success. 

Sam Sulek’s personality as apprised by Greg Doucette


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Sam Sulek, a guy who is 5’11, and 250 pounds lean, as proclaimed by the powerlifting legend that the footprints of PED usage are now visible on his body, “While I think he is not playing it safe, I could be wrong, but based on the severe acne on the chest, shoulders, and arms. I think he is in danger.” Doucette picks up the threads, hitching the gut-wrenching journey of Dallas McCarver, Bostin Loyd, and other bodybuilders who annulled their careers themselves. Perpetuating the subject matter, Greg catches sight of the fact that Sam gained traction via TikTok. 


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Apparently, the World Record holder discerned the fact of his sudden rise by quoting, “Suddenly he grew faster than freaking last time, so fast that he is going viral on YouTube. The guy gained almost 200k followers in the last 30 days.” The 21-YO boy undertakes giving advice, saying “Please start ego lifting,” a deadlift in the wake of which the bodybuilding fraternity lost Justyn Vicky on July 15, while he was lifting 462 lbs.

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The pro bodybuilder talks about Cody Montgomery, who was a winner of the teenage USA champion year by year, but what led to his fall was the consumption of steroids which perturbed him physically and mentally, despite having exceptional genetics, shape, and shreds.

Fans are getting frenzied with the physique of Sam Sulek, and as quoted by Greg Doucette, “So they want to do everything that he does, perhaps to look like him and so what cycle is he doing.” Furthermore, Doucette adds, “And so they go to TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, and they see the messages that he is spewing; advice from small lifters will turn you into one.” As we know, fans are hyperactive, crazed, and now they want to know every detail concerning Sam Sulek’s workout regimen, irrespective of the fact that consuming PEDs is vicious for an athlete’s career. 


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Sam Sulek’s personality frenzing the fans 

Fans, fitness enthusiasts, and perhaps bodybuilders are getting swivel-eyed by his rock-solid physique, irrespective of the rationale. Some of the fans commented on his Instagram page, “What is the orange/blue juice Sam drinks while lifting?” Moreover, there is a streak of comments asking, “Does anyone knows what hat Sam wears,” and so on. 


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Nevertheless, the YouTube sensation enlightens fitness freaks, bodybuilders, and fans to stay natural as people of age 16 to 20 do not require steroids. Do let us know your opinions by commenting below. 

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