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Renault Driver Daniel Ricciardo Opens Up on his Tattoo

Renault Driver Daniel Ricciardo Opens Up on his Tattoo

Daniel Ricciardo

Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo has admitted that he is quite fond of tattoos, and has a fair collection of them. His latest tattoo was that of a cherub, wielding a bow with no string. Ricciardo confessed that he had forgotten to add a string to the bow, but the arrow had already been shot.

Daniel Ricciardo also revealed that he hated needles, so his fondness for tattoos was ironic. However, it was more of a pain-pleasure situation, with that he expertly dodged a subtle dig at Renault.

Then, because it was Daniel Ricciardo, he simply could not end without a chuckle or two. He began to fuss and coddle over the tattoo, pretending that it was a real baby. At the time, he was being interviewed by journalist, Will Buxton. Ricciardo even invited Buxton to ‘rub its little belly’, prompting laughter all around him.

Speaking to AFP about his tattoo love, he said, “I was always interested in tattoos because of the interests I had in life, like punk rock music, motocross and extreme sports. A lot of the guys had these old school style tattoos. That was really how I started to like them, because people I looked up to had them. But I was always scared because I didn’t like needles, so I said I’ll never get a tattoo because I wouldn’t like the pain.”

“Then in 2013, I got my first tattoo. I thought about it for a while. It was quite an important time in my career, when I was on the verge of getting the Red Bull drive. It could be a life changing moment so I said: let’s get something that I like the style but still has some meaning about my journey. So I got a ship sailing around the world and a lighthouse which represents home.

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