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Renault F1 Reveal their Version of the HALO Mirrors

Renault F1 Reveal their Version of the HALO Mirrors

2018 Renault F1

The Renault F1 team are currently the second team to reveal their version of the F1 halo mirrors. The reveal was made ahead of the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix, after its original concept was rejected.

Since then, the manufacturer has been evaluating a change of mirror design. The changes came after the FIA announced that teams could mount mirrors on the halo.

The French team displayed a 3D-printed version of its idea at the post-Spanish Grand Prix test to check on driver visibility. Unfortunately, its plans to further develop the design were shut own by the FIA. The F1 governing body clamped down on aerodynamic supports by issuing a technical directive in response to Ferrari’s design.

Renault F1

In other words, the original Renault version featured a support similar to the aerodynamic version. Since that was outlawed by the FIA, it had to be reconfigured.

Renault technical director Nick Chester said recently: “We had a rapid prototyped one running off the halo, but that wouldn’t work with the TD [technical directive] so we’re looking at a different way of doing a halo-mounted mirror.”

Renault has revised its design with a more straightforward support. However, it is not clear as to how soon the team is considering racing it. There were suggestions that the halo concept was not a complete design yet. They could be at a stage where Renault wants to evaluate driver visibility.

As the Montreal circuit features long straights, teams have reverted to low-drag solutions for this weekend.

Other major upgrades for this race include Mercedes’ updates. The German team has opted to drop the sidepod fins that featured on its car in Monaco. The sidepod helped channel airflow for improved downforce.

However, the Silver Arrows will be without a major upgrade as they were forced to delay it due to unsatisfactory results.

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