Reports Claim Binotto Furious With Red Bull F1 Over Cheating Allegations, Threatening With Legal Action

November 4, 2019 11:30 pm

Scuderia Ferrari are absolutely furious with Red Bull, and their battle is getting very ugly. The tension between Red Bull and Ferrari is at an all-time high, following the US Grand Prix 2019. Apparently, Ferrari team principal Binotto confronted Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. Reports claimed that there were threats fired from the Italian camp to the Austrian outfit.

The US Grand Prix culminated with a win for Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas and a sixth world championship for Lewis Hamilton. However, what also grabbed headlines was, ‘what on earth happened to Ferrari?’.

In the post race press conference, Max Verstappen lit the fuse when he quipped that he was not surprised by what happened here with Ferrari. He then claimed that “that happens when a team cheats”.

After the Grand Prix it was clear that there was something brewing, and it wouldn’t be pretty. Reports claimed that Mattia Binotto passed in front of the group of journalists and Horner and observed them.

After the Red Bull team principal talked to the journalists, Binotto entered the hospitality, looking for Horner. It wasn’t long before a rather animated exchange took place between the two.

He firmly spoke to Horner and there were complaints and reportedly a warning about legal action. Horner explained that he only shared his opinions and Mattia did not like that clearly.

It was obviously a poor weekend for Ferrari, but Red Bull driver Verstappen tried to kick them while they were down. Being a prideful team, Ferrari would not take such accusations of being cheats, lying down. Every team is acutely aware that a member of a rival team cannot make accusations without definitive evidence.

Racing Point demonstrated this already when they submitted their complaint against Renault earlier. However, Mattia Binotto can be proud of the fact that he showed Red Bull what a leader can do when the pressure reaches unacceptable levels.

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