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Reports: Dion Waiters Experienced a Panic Attack after Consuming Edible on Team Flight

Reports: Dion Waiters Experienced a Panic Attack after Consuming Edible on Team Flight

Los Angeles Lakers to add veteran for bench depth

Miami Heat guard Dion Waiters has reportedly experienced a panic attack on Thursday night.

Waiters had missed the game against Phoenix Suns. Also, he did not attend of their next game against Los Angeles Lakers, a game from which he was listed out due to illness.

ESPN has now reported that the reason for him being listed out is his panic attack. The attack, as reported, was due to consumption of an edible that contained THC (a main component in marijuana), something he was not used to. This happened while travelling in the team’s charted flight.

He is known to have received medical treatment after the flight landed in Los Angeles.

A day after this is now known to have happened, Waiters was reported to have a reaction to Gummies. It was reported that he had an overdose of Gummies, which gave him a seizure attack, ruling him out of the game.

One of the reports that was termed as fake news by Waiters’ mother:

However, Dion Waiters’ mom was quick to slam the reports saying that it was a “fake news.”

“Please don’t believe the rumors the media will report fake news to get clicks and likes,” Waiters’ mom, Monique Brown, wrote on Instagram on Saturday.

“Thanks to all who reach out to us concerning @waiters3,” she wrote. “He’s good . . . we appreciate it.”

Waiters has been a part of the team for only two of the Heat’s nine games so far. Earlier in the season, Waiters was suspended for “conduct detrimental to the team” after he expressed frustration about his role on the team on social media. He also missed the preseason for personal reasons.

All this puts him in a danger of missing out on some contract money. He is expected to lose $1.2 million contract bonus if he misses four more games this season.

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