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Reports Indicate Mercedes to Retain F1 Engine Supremacy in 2020 With New Developments

Reports Indicate Mercedes to Retain F1 Engine Supremacy in 2020 With New Developments


If anybody was hoping for a shake-up in the top order in 2020, they will be left sorely disappointed. According to Motorsport.com Italy, initial data from tests indicate that Mercedes’ power unit will be much stronger in 2020. It is believed that the key piece of the puzzle was a better engine cooling system that can work on different parameters.

Although the new Formula 1 season is two months away, work in the factories has been going on tirelessly in preparing the 2020 cars. The gloves are well and truly off now, as the technical department have been much more involved in the development of the new car.

Rumor has it that, based on the simulations, Mercedes have exceeded the projections set by the technical director, James Allison. If there is any truth to the statement, then the Silver Arrows could be well on their way to clinch their seventh world in a row.

Judging by the chassis, the W11 is expected to be a more powerful evolution of the car. Reports indicate that the radiator mouths have been moved higher to compensate for a lower anti-intrusion carbon cone from the frame belt line.

Why the sudden push from Mercedes?

Mercedes has reportedly maintained the basic measures of the W10. This also includes the aerodynamic concepts that have been utilised by Scuderia Ferrari. Their aim is to reduce resistance to forward movement by increasing the downforce, and improving the cooling of the power unit.

In Brixworth, the technicians are focused on wresting engine supremacy from Ferrari. The Prancing Horse, arguably had the most powerful engine in the 2019 season. However in 2020, Mercedes’ renewed cooling system’s primary duty is to protect the six-cylinder power unit from potential reliability problems.

Further adding to their arsenal is a German engineer who specialises in new materials and chemistry. His duty is to pinpoint the Achilles heel of the Mercedes F1 M10 EQ Power +. Without a doubt, all these changes to the staff and the car, means that Mercedes mean business.

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