Reports Reveal F1 is Planning Another Chinese Grand Prix, Possibly a Street Race

Chinese Grand Prix

China has always been a pretty intriguing contest for the drivers to nail, isn’t it? It’s, in some ways, a world away from the world of Formula 1. This isn’t merely from the perspective of the Shanghai circuit being home to the longest stretch of a main straight – being approximately 1.4 km long in length- but also for the reason that the 56-lap Chinese Grand Prix, checkered sharp, high-speed corners imposing a bit of a tire-punishing contest on the 20 drivers.

To that regard, the Chinese Grand Prix, nailed by Daniel Ricciardo (then in a Red Bull) as of last year and by Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes in 2019 is both fascinating and thrilling.

And this year, in particular, the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix brought forth tons of excitement for the simple fact that this was Formula One’s 1000th Grand Prix, an event that snowballed with excitement on social media and covered extensively as if a Grand Boulevard was witnessing the victory march of some of the world’s most chivalrous men.

To that end, imagine if there was another Chinese Grand Prix, and hence, not one but 2 races in China? How fun would that be?

Isn’t it?

Chinese Grand Prix
Hamilton clinched the 2019 Chinese GP (Photo by Yin Liqin/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images)

And here’s what you ought to know, whether you are an F1 pundit, fan or a seasoned critic of one of the world’s most expensive sports.

Formula One’s Commercial Boss, Sean Bratches is apparently going to meet with Chinese government officials sometime soon in order to explore an opportunity of doing another race in China.

Now, one may wonder why?

Well, this is for the simple reason that China not only happens to be a great fan-base for the sport, the event first held in 2004 but also for the fact that the country has been earmarked for growth. This, therefore, augurs well for the popularity of Formula One, with the sport envisaging whether it can grow in other major Chinese cities.

When contacted for his views on the developing story, Mr. Bratches shared the following:

“In terms of interest, we would be highly interested in a street race. It would be a nice juxtaposition to the purpose-built, extraordinary facility that we have here (in Shanghai). Our intent is to bring our show to the people.”