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Reports Say Even Nico Rosberg Held Talks With Ferrari F1 for Potential Drive

Reports Say Even Nico Rosberg Held Talks With Ferrari F1 for Potential Drive

Nico Rosberg joins Lewis Hamilton as a former Mercedes driver who held talks with Ferrari F1 for a drive. Right after winning his 2016 World Championship, Nico Rosberg held talks with the Prancing Horse at their factory in Maranello. A quiet event, but in the end the German World Champion chose retirement over a race drive with Ferrari.

According to Alberto Antonini, who wrote in his Formula Passion Column, he revealed that Nico Rosberg visited Maranello to speak.

“When Nico Rosberg came to visit us in the office in Maranello, so to speak, nobody knew,” he said.

It would have been a big “what-if” scenario if Nico Rosberg continued to race, but for Ferrari. It’s highly likely he would have replaced an aging Kimi Raikkonen, partnering Sebastian Vettel. However, that never came to fruition. Rosberg, as the defending world champion hung up his gloves and has moved on from the sport.

It would have been a good battle to see both German drivers slugging it out with Lewis for the 2017 title. The car that Ferrari provided those years was a capable challenger. Nico Rosberg may have been what’s needed for Ferrari to break their wait for an elusive wait for a drivers championship.

Further adding about the speculation regarding Lewis, Alberto commented:

“But what is certain is that when there are rumors and stories of contact already been, it is because someone who has deep knowledge of the situation is comfortable in passing it on.”

It’s still up for debate what will be done with regards to 2021. Ferrari and Mercedes would both be keen to have the services of Lewis Hamilton. However, the defending world champion holds the cards. He can choose where he wishes to drive. He can choose between moving to a new team, or negotiate a favorable deal at Mercedes.

It’s still rumors for now, but they will persist. Sebastian Vettel has rubbished the rumors for now, but it will be interesting to see what the future holds for both Lewis and Sebastian heading into 2021.

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