Reports Suggest Black Ops Cold War Might Introduce Another Sniper and LMG in Season 2

January 10, 2021 2:00 pm

It has only been a few weeks since the launch of Season One in Call of Duty’s latest title Black Ops Cold War. The inaugural season added a variety of exciting content to the game. This has left players gearing for another season, and they have already started guessing what’s in store for them.

To quench the fans’ thirst, insiders are doing their best to figure out everything that is lined up for Season Two. In a similar attempt, one such insider revealed that the next season has two new weapons in store.

While Black Ops Cold War already has a variety of ARs and SMGs to offer, players feel they need more options. Therefore, the next season might bring a new LMG and a sniper rifle.

Fans are hoping to get the Dragunov sniper rifle in Black Ops Cold War

The top reply to the tweet was a fan suggesting the upcoming guns might as well be the DSR Ballista and the LSAT. However, another fan pointed out that both these weapons do not fit the timeline of the game. There is nothing official from Treyarch on this yet.

The other popular and historically accurate guess was the Soviet SVD or the Dragunov sniper rifle. The Dragunov is a popular sniper rifle in most Call of Duty games. The semi-auto sniper has been a fan-favorite in many titles.

The Soviets used their SVD as the primary sniper rifle during the Cold War. Therefore, fans feel that the SVD is the top contender if Treyarch plans to roll out a sniper for season two.

The snipers in Black Ops Cold War have been a controversial class. It has got fans polarised on the issue, while most feel that they are extremely powerful, others think they need a major buff. So, while the developers are planning to add another sniper, most aren’t too excited about it.

The LMG on the other hand is something that players are excited about. Considering the pace of the gameplay in Black Ops Cold War, a balanced LMG might become a go-to class for a majority of players. Stay tuned to Treyarch Blogs for further updates as the season’s progress.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

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