Reports Suggest GTA 6 Might Have a Female Playable Character Too

January 11, 2021 5:57 pm

Ever since Rockstar teased GTA 6 in the Cayo Perico Heist trailer, things have gotten more real than ever. This was the first official explicit hint from the developer for the long-awaited GTA sequel. Therefore, for the first time in years, fans know that a new Grand Theft Auto game might be in their hands soon.

Soon after the hint, fans started figuring out the approximate release date of probably the grandest GTA game yet. To help them in their quest, insiders have joined hands to look for hints all around. It appears that one of them finally delivered with his recent tweet shedding some light on a crucial piece of information about the game.

Tom Henderson is probably the industry’s favorite insider. He always delivers whenever fans need some information on upcoming games or future content in games. This time, he is the bearer of great news for GTA 6 fans. According to him, GTA 6 will have two playable protagonists, a male, and a female too.

This is for the first time after five editions in the series that the player gets to experience a Grand Theft Auto story as a female character. Rockstar can explore so many avenues with this new prospect. Following in the footsteps of RPGs offering players choices in terms of characters, Rockstar can try to replicate similar success.

ICYMI, Rockstar hints at GTA 6 in a cryptic way

While releasing the Cayo Perico Heist trailer for GTA Online, Rockstar Games had included some coordinates in the clip. Upon entering those coordinates in Google Maps, they lead to a location in Virgina, USA. The exact location is of some dirt roads that form the most interesting shape.

The roads resemble the Roman numeral for the number six. Now, this was too good a coincidence for fans to ignore. Therefore, they instead figured this is the first official hint from Rockstar for GTA 6.

While there is still no word from the developers, Tom’s tweet almost confirms that a title is definitely in the works. Therefore, Rockstar fans have more to look forward to now.

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