The 2018 Formula One calendar will have 21 races with 2 additions and the absence of Malaysia. The sport and the FIA revealed a revised F1 schedule for the upcoming 21 Grands Prix. Compared to the 2017 season’s structure, there are two main changes this season. Firstly, Sunday’s race will start ten minutes later than usual. Sometimes, broadcasters go on air just as the race is about to begin. This compromises on the tension and emotion that is built up before the start of each Grand Prix. The idea is for television viewers to enjoy the experience offered just before the red lights go out.

Revised F1 schedule
There will be a revised F1 schedule for the 2018 season

Secondly there will be changes to the European and Brazilian race weekends. In a survey conducted by Liberty Media, the results indicated that the peak TV audience is reachable later in the afternoons. This typically occurs in the summer months. Another decision that was taken was to move the schedule of every session back by one hour. This applied across the whole weekend for each of the above-mentioned Grands Prix.

Other minor adjustments have been made to the timings as well. This was carried out mostly in order to avoid clashes with other major sports events like the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Other reasons for the change was to allow for differing sunset times and to attract a wider attendance to promoters’ events.


With regard to the World Cup clashes, the French GP has been pushed back due to the fact that the England football team will be playing their second match that day. Both events will be commencing on June 24 and the French GP has had to be pushed back. The French Grand Prx is returning to the F1 calendar after a decade-long absence. However, instead of Magny Cours, the track venue will be the Circuit Paul Ricard.


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