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Ricciardo Gives Renault Title Prediction

Ricciardo Gives Renault Title Prediction


Daniel Ricciardo says he has targeted 2021 to become world champion with Renault. All eyes will be on the respective fortunes of Ricciardo and Red Bull, with the Australian keeping ties to the French brand while his team are jumping ship to Honda.

Red Bull’s frustrations with Renault’s failure to keep pace with Mercedes and Ferrari in the V6 Hybrid era has led them to Honda – a partnership those within the team have already spoken positively about.

Ricciardo reportedly grew concerned about his standing in comparison to Max Verstappen at Red bull and, while the Dutchman has suggested a title tilt could be in the offing next year, Ricciardo’s sights are set a little lower.

Asked by AS if he had set a date to win his first title, Ricciardo joked: “Five years ago!

“I mean, 2014 I believe I drove well enough to be world champion that year, so for me it’s already overdue.

“But now, starting this next journey, realistically I would say 2021, I want to be world champion that year.”

Daniel Ricciardo

Although the title may not be on the cards in 2019, Ricciardo is not writing the season off completely.

“My goal is to…I think a few things,” he said.

“As a team to get their best result possible. I don’t know now what their best is for the last few years, but if it’s sixth, I want to finish fifth, for example.

“I also want to prove to myself and to other people that it was the right decision, I guess to prove some people wrong.

“And just grow with the team and to feel the progress, to be part of that, and to feel like their investment in me was worthwhile.”

Ricciardo stunned many when he announced that he was signing for Renault for the 2019 season.

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