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Ricciardo Hopes He can Win More Races in the Future

Ricciardo Hopes He can Win More Races in the Future


Daniel Ricciardo may have won two races this season but the early-season luck seems to have deserted him recently, with below-par results in recent races. And he hopes to change it soon.

“Since Monaco, we haven’t really had things go our way. I’ll still take it, I’ll still take a Monaco win, but I don’t want that to be the last hurrah. We’ve just had bits and pieces not go our way for the last three”, said Ricciardo.”

“We’ll just try and turn it around in Hockenheim and Budapest, but I’m looking forward to a week away from race cars”, he added, highlighting the tired mindset most of the crew will have after three hectic weekends.

The Red Bulls were just not up to the level of their top three rivals, Ferrari or Mercedes, in terms of speed at the recently concluded British Grand Prix. Ricciardo was upset with the lack of speed in the car.

“We just didn’t have the legs,” he said. “It was just a bit tricky to follow, and then if we don’t get the exit off the corner, they’ve got quite a few ponies.”

Ricciardo struggled to catch up with Kimi’s Ferrari

Ricciardo also admitted to the fact that lady luck was just not with the Austrian team during the busy period of travelling. “The triple-header, every race we had something which was not going our way,” he said.  

“At Silverstone we pitted pretty last minute and then the Safety Car came out so we lost positions there. We were just a bit unlucky I guess.”

Ricciardo also faces his own personal battles with his contract situation unclear, though it looks like he will commit to Red Bull as it is his best option.

He stated that he was surprised by the lack of pursuit from rivals Ferrari but that did not mean he was short of options. McLaren had made him a huge offer and rumours of Renault wanting him were also making the rounds.

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