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Ricciardo Looking for Alternate Means of Celebration

Ricciardo Looking for Alternate Means of Celebration


Aston Martin Red Bull F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo was none too happy when Formula One bosses, Liberty Media trademarked his Shoey celebration. Now, he has said that he will celebrate any win by swilling champagne from his helmet instead of his shoe.

The legal ‘mumbo jumbo’ of the trademark action confused the Australian. The action has patented the “shoey’’ name in 25 countries, including Australia until 2027.

”Hopefully they are not trying to stitch me up,’’ he joked, while responding to journalists on his trademark action in terms of any restrictions on his podium celebrations.

Liberty Media are hoping that Ricciardo’s actions would promote the sales of any future trademarked Shoey merchandise. But, Ricciardo has said that he might trade his shoe for his helmet instead.

Ricciardo looks on as Mark Webber does a shoey

”I will drink from my helmet instead and do a ’helmetie’,” the Red Bull driver said.

Previously Ricciardo used to fill his sweaty leather racing shoes with the champagne and drink it (sounds rather revolting to be honest). He then encouraged his fellow racers to join in the fun. Compatriot Mark Webber also celebrated with Ricciardo by drinking the sweat-infused champagne but says it doesn’t taste so good.

In Australia, the “shoey’’ trademark restricts companies from using the name on a range of household categories.

Ricciardo also spoke about THAT incident at Baku.

“It was a build up and we could have responded better,’’ he said.

”We got to the point of banging wheels, but if a car is faster than lets swap cars and let go the one that’s faster.’’

He found it ‘weird’ to have crashed into a teammate, but not surprising. While the Red Bull officials have opted to let both drivers continue racing “freely’’. But they will step in if one of the cars crosses a line.

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