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Ricciardo’s Birthday Ruined By ‘Frustrating’ Mechanical Problems

Ricciardo’s Birthday Ruined By ‘Frustrating’ Mechanical Problems


Daniel Ricciardo was celebrating his 29th birthday at the Austrian Grand Prix. While he was on course to secure a podium position at Red Bull’s home race, his birthday plans didn’t go as per plans. While his teammate Max Verstappen went on to win the race, he had to retire from the race from what could have been a potential 1-2 finish for the Red Bull duo.

“It’s frustrating, it is what it is so yeah, on one side I am obviously disappointed with how the day went because at one stage it was looking like a 1-2,” Ricciardo said.

“As soon as we put the soft [tyres] on, it didn’t feel like it gave me much,” he added. “We struggled quite a lot the first few laps and even though I was able to get Kimi [Raikkonen], he made a mistake in Turn 3 and that allowed me to attack him.”

“As soon as I got in front I could tell I wasn’t able to pull away and then I saw the tyre was getting torn apart so it was strange,” he continued.

“I don’t know if it was debris or what, but the fact that they could go [so far], I think Kimi set the best lap on the last lap with the same tyre life and you know, I had to pit thirty laps earlier and Lewis [Hamilton] as well. I am not convinced. I think something, whether it was debris, I don’t know.”

After a string of poor fortunes for Ricciardo, he joked that he was looking to shift careers into a different sport.

“It was just one of those days. Is it too late to start my MMA career? Will Dana sign me? I am out of contract so maybe I will just swap sports all together,” the birthday boy joked.

“Dana White, if you’re listening. I have some work to do but maybe you can sign me in a couple of years, take out some of my anger.”

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