Daniel Ricciardo will be driving his 100th and final race for Red Bull at Abu Dhabi this evening but his final qualifying session for them was not as smooth sailing. His car’s engine died mid-way through the session, which quite fittingly summed up his season.

Luckily though, it did not affect his qualifying as he set a good enough time to start fifth ahead of teammate, Max Verstappen, and behind the two Ferraris of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. His post-race interview with F1’s digital presenter, Will Buxton, was every bit typical Ricciardo though.

Ricciardo is known for his fun interviews and cheerful media personality and Buxton tapped that side of him when he invoked the Australian’s love for unicorns. Ricciardo seemed perplexed at first at the absurdity of it but quickly composed himself to come into his own.
Check out the video here:

Ricciardo will be joining Renault next year to partner German, Nico Hulkenberg. Many have cited it as a backwards move, considering he is moving to a slower team but he himself has claimed he does not have any regrets over it.

His time with Red Bull may not have earned him his world championship dream but it gave him a fast car and enabled him to win seven races in five years with them. His overtaking abilities and incredible ability to be impossibly late on the brakes also defined his wins.

After being part of the their junior programme and then graduating to the senior team, it will certainly be an emotional time for him this week and he admitted as much.

Ricciardo will be emotional at the end of the day

He will be looking to end his time with the Bulls on a high and the Ferraris ahead of him better be looking at their mirrors right from the start.


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