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Rich Energy Ridicule Haas F1 and their 2019 Efforts as One Sided Twitter Riot Continues

Rich Energy Ridicule Haas F1 and their 2019 Efforts as One Sided Twitter Riot Continues

The Haas F1 team have faced a nightmare during the 2019 Formula One season. The situation has actually got to a point that the American outfit have become a meme team. Even their former sponsor, Rich Energy has been taking sadistic pleasure in trolling them mercilessly.

Haas F1 drivers Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean closed out the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with finishes of 14th and 15th, respectively. Both drivers started on fresh sets of Yellow medium tires and had mixed results from their grid positions of 14th for Magnussen and 15th for Grosjean at the start.

While Magnussen made a good start to pick up five positions on the opening lap, Grosjean dropped to 17th.

During the pitstop phase, Grosjean was up to 12th before his stop, dropping him to 19th. Magnussen, on the other hand, was up to eighth before his stop for hard tyres on lap 21, and he resumed in 14th.

“It was a tough race,” Grosjean confessed. “I think Friday afternoon’s crash with Bottas compromised a lot for today’s race, we just had the one floor of that package and that’s what we practiced with. We had to change the specification and revert to another one, which we knew, but it was always going to be tough from there, we only had FP2 as a representative session. I think from my side, I need to work on my starts in the races. It’s been a big weakness of mine this year. If we qualify well next year I want to make sure I have good starts. We worked as well as we could in the race, and the guys on the team did a good job again – we just didn’t have the pace. Hopefully next year is a much better story.”

Meanwhile, Magnussen said, “I made a really good start again, my first lap was good. Unfortunately, from there we didn’t really have the pace that everyone else had, and I lost those places eventually. We fought as hard as we could. I’m happy with how the team’s been performing, in races like this it’s very tough, mentally, to stay on it, and keep extracting things from it when things have been bad. Everyone’s on it though, everyone’s looking for that last bit just in case something crazy happens like a safety car at the right time or something like that. We always give ourselves the best chance for that. That’s been the trend all year – the team’s really kept on it even though it’s been very tough. I think we’re all happy to get out of this year and completely shift our focus to 2020. Hopefully it’s a much better year.”

Earlier this year, Haas F1 ended their Rich Energy sponsorship, in the wake of a copyright infringement controversy since becoming the title sponsor of Haas.

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