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Richie Benaud led to rest in Private Service

Richie Benaud led to rest in Private Service

Richie Benaud

Famous Cricket commentator and former Australia player Richie Benaud was laid to rest in a private funeral service attended by ex-players Shane Warne and Ian Chappell earlier today.

Benaud passed away last Friday at the age of 84 because of complications from skin cancer. His wife, Daphne, had earlier declined a government offer for a state funeral in favor of a smaller service at the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park attended only by family and close friends.

Brian Booth, one of Benaud’s former teammate, led the service.

In the memorial booklet, Richie Benaud’s family described him as “a special person who means so much to each of us in many different ways.”

Richie Benaud, considered one of the most influential cricket identities of the past century, played 63 tests for Australia but was more well-known for his career in the commentating booth and is widely renowned as ‘the voice of cricket’.

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