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Riot Rectifies Ability Statement In Valorant

Riot Rectifies Ability Statement In Valorant

Valorant has been under criticism ever since Riot Games decided to add the new agent Killjoy. The general response from the community is that the game feels more broken than ever. Clearly, Act II is trying to set something new in the game, especially with respect to abilities. That is one of the aspects where Killjoy is OP.

When it comes to players arguing about OP abilities, we have to remember what kind of a game Valorant is. At the end of the day, any tactical shooter game primarily depends on your skills with the gun. However, when all else fails, you have to do something. This is why the abilities are there to stop the arsenal from running dry.

Riot Games have officially responded to the questions which the community kept asking. Most FAQ’s were about abilities and the anti-cheat system Valorant is known for.

Riot answers questions about lethal nature of abilities in Valorant

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgNEnFJNiGE]

There was an initial statement by developers at Riot Games that stated that abilities wouldn’t kill players. However, that would render the abilities as nothing more than a distraction. For instance, imagine being stuck at B long (Bind) in a 1v3 or 1v4 situation. In this situation, escape is the only answer. Although, in order to reach the teleporter, one has to smoke or flash or slow down the opponents in some way. This is where the deadly nature of these abilities kick in. 

If this promise (abilities never kill) was the thing that made you come to try VALORANT, we’re sorry if we misled you, even unintentionally. But our position is, and has been, that abilities that deal damage are a core part of tactical games—whether it be VALORANT or other tac shooters. We can unpack this topic more in the future if you’re interested!”

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Anti-cheat seems to be on the right track

The community has always wondered how many cheaters finally fell prey to Vanguard. Riot Games came up with a response to show their statistics. 

I don’t have a total number of bans to share but I didn’t want you to leave empty handed. So I brought something for you number fans out there: 1802.

“That’s the number of manual bans the anti-cheat team has issued after investigating suspicious players.”

Thus, with respect to quality and regulating cheaters, Riot Games is doing a great job. With the introduction of Killjoy in the mix, players are finding new ways to get past several abilities. Do you think abilities in Valorant should be lethal? 

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