“Risk and Reward”- Sony on Upcoming PS5 Exclusive ‘Returnal’

January 18, 2021 7:34 pm

The PS5 released in November 2020, and as expected, it has been an astounding success. The colossal demand for the console is self-evident from the fact that it went out of stock in every retail store within seconds.

Ever since then, gamers around the world have struggled to get their hands on the PS5. However, Sony has huge plans for its next-gen console in 2021 that not only include increasing the production but releasing a bunch of exclusive titles.

One of the most anticipated names on the list of the upcoming exclusives is ‘Returnal’. It is an upcoming science-fiction psychological horror video game by Finnish video game developer Housemarque.

In a recent blog, the publisher revealed a lot of new information regarding Returnal’s gameplay. It gives some valuable details about the journey of players on the procedurally generated environments of Atropos.

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The PS5 makes the best out of ground-breaking weapons in Returnal

Returnal promises to deliver intense arcade action to its players, and it does so with the help of an attractive arsenal. It comprises 10 base weapons and 90 weapon traits that enhance their statistics.

The weapon traits offer a surprising amount of flexibility, and the protagonist of the game, Selena, can combine them in countless ways.

The PS5 will ensure that using the weapons in Returnal becomes a surreal experience. Players can secondary fire and alt-fire with minimal effort thanks to the adaptive triggers on the DualSense controller. While pressing L2 halfway results in main fire, alt-fire triggers when the trigger is squeezed all the way down.

Living room with a Sony PlayStation 5 home video game console and DualSense controller alongside a television, taken on Novemebr 3, 2020. (Photo by Phil Barker/Future Publishing via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Not all that glitters is gold

Atropos has an unusual loot pool that might trick the players at every step. For instance, Parasites in the region have both positive and negative effects.

Players can generate health at lower HPs with their help, but should also prepare to face acid pools when they kill the enemies. Hence, Sony describes Returnal as a game based on “risk and reward”.

All the aforementioned examples are just a small glimpse of the bigger adventures that are waiting for you on Atropos. The game releases on March 19, 2021, and the community certainly looks forward to playing it.

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