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Road Cars with Formula One Technology

Road Cars with Formula One Technology

We now have the latest entrant to the list of Road Car inspired with Formula One Technology. The Mercedes Project One is here and it is breathtaking. When V6 hybrid engine technology was introduced, it was said that this move was to make F1 road relevant.

While on the racing front, the engine received a lot of flak, it was to be seen whether it’ll make it to the road or not and finally when Mercedes announced that they’ll use the current engine ditto into a race car, interest soared higher and higher.

Formula One technology

And finally it’s here. The turbocharged V6 engine itself has an electric motor built into its turbocharger for eliminating turbo lag. Meanwhile another 160bhp e-motor works on the crankshaft. Then another two 50,000rpm, 160bhp electric motors independently drive each of the front wheels, allowing torque-vectoring, lightning-quick launches. Those front motors also allow a zero-emission EV mode, during which your £2.5m AMG hypercar becomes front-wheel drive (like the EV mode in a BMW i8).

As unique as the car is, you might be surprised to know that it’s not the first one to employ Formula One technology. Given Formula One’s open wheeled single seater nature, a technical nexus between a Formula One car and a road car does not appear outright. But unknown to all the former is a test bed for manufacturers to perfect tomorrow’s technology to trickle it down to their road cars.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a take at other such Road cars that employed technology used in a formula one car.

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