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Road to Champions Trophy Final Déjà Vu?

Road to Champions Trophy Final Déjà Vu?

India face arch-rivals Pakistan in a high profile clash today at the famous Oval for the 2017 Champions Trophy. the last time these two nations faced off on the final of an international platform was during the 2007 World T20 tournament. On the subject of the 2007 T20 Final, it is interesting to note that the road to the final in both instances for both teams were eerily similar.

The Indian Express

India had beaten Pakistan in their first encounter in both tournaments, India had lost only one match en route to the final. They saw off South Africa in the hunt for a semifinal berth. The 2007 final was also Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s first as a captain, ten years later the Champions Trophy final is Virat Kohli’s first final as a captain. In both tournaments, at least 2 Pakistani players featured in the list of Most Wickets Taken in the Tournament.

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