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Rob Gronkowski loses WWE 24/7 Title After Historic Reign

Rob Gronkowski loses WWE 24/7 Title After Historic Reign

Rob Gronkowski

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end and former WWE 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski lost his title after 57 days. This reign of his was the longest on record, and was as dominant it could get.

Gronk has stated before that he was uniquely equipped to hold the title, given his profession and his upbringing. He had been involved in a feud with R-Truth, who has been one of his challengers to the belt.

The 24/7 Championship has been going around, between various champions. But, very few have dominated it like R-Truth and Gronk.

 In a previous episode of RAW and on social media, R-Truth called out Gronk, the reigning champion, while seated at home.

Shame on you, Rob Gronkowski, I’m coming for you! I’ll tackle any football man I have to, to bring my baby back home! Let that be a warning, to all you football men, out there, especially you Robin Gronk!” 

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The rules around the 24/7 Championship state that the title can be defended anytime, anywhere, as long as there’s a WWE referee present to count when there’s a pin. With these rules in mind, R-Truth was set to win his baby back.

Rob Gronkowski fires back at R-Truth

Right after R-Truth’s message on social media, Gronk responded proudly with the belt on his shoulder. Gronk issued the response while relaxing at his Foxborough, Massachusetts home. 

16 years of playing football, and growing up with 4 brothers have prepared me to fight anytime and anyplace. So this is, the 24/7, 7/11, I-95 South W9, Whole 9 yards Championship stays with me, brother. Take this as a warning R-Truth, I will see you coming because I’ve got eyes at the back of my head

Gronk was in his home, preparing to shoot a TikTok video with a friend of his. He went out into his yard, with his belt tied around his waist, ready to dance.

R-Truth, disguised as the gardener, was close behind Gronk. When Gronk turned around to look at the gardener suspiciously, his ‘friend’ revealed that he was actually a WWE referee.

R-Truth snuck up and pinned the 6’6″ football pro while he was still trying to make sense of the whole scene.

This marks the end of Gronk’s reign, which is the longest in WWE. The Championship is back with R-Truth, who seemed ecstatic at his victory, and rightly so.


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