Robert Kubica Assessing his F1 2019 Options

July 2, 2018 8:16 pm

Polish driver Robert Kubica was primed for an F1 racing return in 2018. Sadly, he missed out and had to settle for a reserve and development role with Williams. However, the will to race still burns bright and talks are underway about making the dream a reality next year.

With the season nearly halfway through, there is a greater focus on what the 2019 grid looks like. There is at least one seat available at each of the 10 teams on the grid.

Drivers and teams are eager to get deals sorted before the summer break. Kubica is part of the driver market for 2019 and his management have begun discussions with teams about a race seat.

Speaking about his future, Kubica said: “My status and my position doesn’t change honestly since the end of last year. Of course, now there will be a lot of talks although I’m staying away from them.

“The top guys, they have to first find the seats so fortunately you have other topics to write than about me. My target will be to race next year but this hasn’t changed since the end of last year – so we will see.”

Robert Kubica

Kubica piloted the Williams in Friday practice in Austria for the GP weekend. The Pole lost a head-to-head shoot-out with Sergey Sirotkin for the vacant F1 race seat at Williams.

The veteran is aware that there are race seat options for him beyond Williams. However, he concedes that realistically, there are only a handful of genuine possibilities.

“There was only one seat free, which was Williams,” he said. “Now there’s more seats, more teams that might change the drivers or not.

“So it’s not that because we are sitting here I am just targeting to be on the grid with Williams.

“My target is to be on the grid and we will see. Realistically speaking, there are not many teams I can end up with or talk with. There is no magic.”

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