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Robert Kubica Baffled at Teammate’s Criticism of his Fans

Robert Kubica Baffled at Teammate’s Criticism of his Fans

Polish driver Robert Kubica admitted that he was “surprised” by team-mate George Russell. This was particularly in reference to the Briton’s allegations towards his Polish fans of receiving “hate” from them.

So far this season, the Briton has has the measure of Robert Kubica, in spite of the Polish driver being the team’s only point scorer so far. According to Russell, “50% of the comments on my posts are hate from Polish supporters.”

While speaking at the Verva Street Racing event in Poland, Robert Kubica admitted he was “surprised” by Russell’s comments “before an event like this”.

“I don’t know if he is making a mistake, but I just saw the article and I was a bit surprised that he said it before an event like this,” he revealed to Super Express.

“I was personally on stage when Polish fans chanted his name, just as they chant mine. They really supported him with open arms.”

Robert Kubica
Williams F1 driver Robert Kubica

“Apparently George reads posts on his social media, but I don’t do that so I don’t have those problems.”

“A dozen or so years ago I learned not to read reviews. I do my job and people have the right to express opinions. Formula 1 is so complicated that making judgements is not easy.”

George Russell, has seemingly gotten a bad deal, especially for a driver who won the 2018 Formula 2 title. It really is a shame to see a driver who came into F1 as a champion, having to struggle at the back of the pack.

It is alleged that some of Kubica’s die-hard Polish fans, believe that Russell gets better equipment and is Williams F1‘s preferred driver.

According to Motorsport.com, Russell called out these fans and said, “It’s a little bit hurtful that 50% of the comments on my posts are hate from Polish supporters, whereas the other 50% is complete support for me. I mean, I do truly only care about the view from inside what Williams think of me, what Mercedes think of me. But you also want to be respected from outside. I’ve not come across anyone who’s disrespecting me, or giving any hate to me, who are not from Poland. So, I appreciate the situation and I can only hope one day I have fans as passionate as his.”

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