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Robert Kubica: “Closed the Most Important Chapter of My Life With F1 Return”

Robert Kubica: “Closed the Most Important Chapter of My Life With F1 Return”

Robert Kubica may not have had the fairytale comeback to Formula One that he wanted, but he is still happy nonetheless. Despite the Williams F1 car being woefully off the pace, Kubica has no regrets over returning to Formula 1 for one last hurrah.

In a story, worthy of a Hollywood adaptation, the Polish driver’s budding F1 career was dramatically cut short in a severe rallying accident in 2011. The crash sidelined him from F1 for eight years while he went through rehabilitation and fought his way back to an F1 seat with Williams in 2019.

The bad news was that his comeback came at the worst possible time, namely the rapid downfall of Williams F1, from champions to backmarkers. Luckily, Kubica’s 10th-place finish in a chaotic German Grand Prix handed the team its only point. But on the other end of the spectrum, he was out-qualified 21-0 by teammate George Russell.

Robert Kubica confessed that despite the nightmare season, his “nearly impossible” return was “definitely a good achievement”.

How Does Robert Kubica Classify his Season?

Speaking to Motorsport.com, he disclosed, “I was kind of split, honestly, and I think by coming back to Formula 1 I closed a chapter, which was probably the most important one from my life,”

Robert Kubica
Williams F1 driver Robert Kubica

“Looking where I was, looking at the period I went through with the circumstances of what happened and what the consequence was of the accident in 2011.

Now that he is out of a racing seat for the 2020 season, Robert Kubica is on the hunt for a racing programme with one of the other teams. Interestingly, the likes of Haas and Racing Point have been eyeing the Polish veteran for his services. In addition to that, he is also exploring his options outside Formula One.

In conclusion, he said, “On my journey back to circuit motorsport, I never really thought about my career or longer-term,” he said. “It was about personal satisfaction, and this is something which I will keep for most of my years, and I think for my whole life.”

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