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Robert Kubica Has Shared His Performances Are Better Than What’s Revealed

Robert Kubica Has Shared His Performances Are Better Than What’s Revealed

Robert Kubica

Jim Morrison had once famously remarked, “There are things known and there are things unknown and in between are the Doors!” He was talking of his famous psychedelic rock band, The Doors. Taking a leaf out of the former Lizard King’s book, it appears that what Jim said could be true to the sense that F1 driver Robert Kubica is trying to make. We all know the kind of struggles that Williams’ Robert Kubica has undergone this year.

It’s not the best feeling in the world to not have opened your account despite four races and that too, in the returning year at the top-level at Grand Prix racing. Right?

But in lines with the above statement by Jim Morrison, one gets the sense that what Robert Kubica has recently shared points to one thing: maybe there are things which are there one can’t see for that’s just how things are in his life at the moment.

So what has Robert Kubica shared that makes it interesting? Well, despite 0 points, some obvious car troubles, forgettable DNFs, Robert Kubica has maintained that his actual performances are quite better than what the results show or highlight.

Confused- well, who won’t be?

While he admits that it’s hard to see his progress, truth is that there’ some that he is making. So that said, are you sold on what Robert Kubica is saying?

“It’s not easy to see the progress. “There are many positive things, but they are overshadowed by the overall performance. My pace and driving style is better than the results show.”

In lines with the above, Robert Kubica also added that the team is going to identify the exact nature and length of the car’s problems and for them to make an improvement, it’s imperative they got to the bottom of the issues. At the end of the day, there’s hardly a doubt about Robert Kubica’s own talent. He may not have won a single Grand Prix, but the Polish driver, responsible for 80 race starts and 12 overall podiums has got the talent and the experience to make it count. And therefore, at the end of the day, if he can help Williams capture some of that lost pride, even if it takes him the fag end of the season to do that, one doesn’t think anyone would mind it one bit.

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