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Robert Kubica on Williams’ Struggles: ‘Sometimes It was Hard to Call it F1’

Robert Kubica on Williams’ Struggles: ‘Sometimes It was Hard to Call it F1’

Outgoing Formula One driver Robert Kubica returned to a racing seat after 6 years away. Sadly, it was not exactly a triumphant return, as the Williams F1 FW42 was a tortoise compared to its rivals.

However, in spite of George Russell wiping the floor with him, he insists that he has no regrets about returning to Formula 1.

“This season has not taught me anything,” Kubica told TVP. “I gained some information. Racing in the last row is completely different to what I did ten years ago.”

Now, with no Formula One drive, Robert Kubica will most likely switch to DTM for 2020. In addition to that, it is highly likely that he will take a development role with either Haas or Racing Point.

I remember one qualifying that I got out of the car and told a friend that in the golden times of BMW.”

“Driving like that would have given me the front row. But I was last, half a second from the next one,” the Pole also told Przeglad Sportowy newspaper.

Robert Kubica
Williams F1 driver Robert Kubica

“If I would stand in front of the mirror in many years time and say I had the chance to return but I gave it up, that would be difficult for me to understand. But sometimes it was hard to call it Formula 1.”

The veteran spoke about the kind of emotions he experienced, knowing that it was his last race. However he admitted that he did not have any difficult emotions on the prospect of racing for the last time.

He concluded, “In terms of results it was a disappointment, but if you delve deeper into what was happening, it wasn’t as bad as it looks from the outside. In many ways it was a very useful season for me.

“It gave me additional motivation and awareness that although I haven’t been in this sport for a long time, I can still race in high categories. Now I am already waiting for another challenge next year – I hope.”

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