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Robert Kubica Opens Up on the Horrors of Rally Accident: “20 Years of Work Went Away in a Second”

Robert Kubica Opens Up on the Horrors of Rally Accident: “20 Years of Work Went Away in a Second”

Sadly, ousted Williams F1 driver Robert Kubica will now be known, solely for his horrifying rally crash and his road to recovery. While his story is an inspiring one and worthy of a Hollywood drama, one can be sure that he does not want to be patronised. Recently, the 35-year old opened up on the pain he endured following his life-threatening rally crash.

The Polish driver was primed for the 2011 Formula 1 season, but a crash at the Ronde di Andora rally put paid to all his hopes.  Robert Kubica was a rising star back then and he was an established race-winner and podium contender. Rumor even had it that Scuderia Ferrari were eyeing him. Unfortunately, there was the crash, which left him with a partially severed forearm and it severely hampered his driving ability.

Speaking to TVP, he said, “There were a few nights where I cried. 20 years of passion and work changed in one second.

“I had to mentally, as well as physically, rehabilitate myself. The turning point was when I did not think about how to do something, but I was glad that I could do it at all.”

Robert Kubica back in his prime

The good news is that he refused to give up on his dream and the rehabilitation process began for the Polish veteran. On the journey, he took part in a handful of test outings in 2017 with Renault and this led to rumors of a potential return to F1. Then in 2018, he took on the development driver role at Williams, when Renault fielded Carlos Sainz alongside Nico Hulkenberg that year.

Finally, in 2019, his big break came when Williams signed Kubica as a full-time driver alongside rookie driver George Russell. Sadly, it was lightyears away from a fairytale return for Kubica, as the Grove-based team was stuck at the back of the field.

Fortunately, Robert Kubica will remain in F1 as a development driver, with a few teams interested in signing him.

“He doesn’t let failure bring him down,” Racing Point owner, Lawrence Stroll said. “He falls but gets up. In sports and in life, I have not seen someone who is so determined, such a fighter.”

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