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Robert Kubica Questions Williams F1 for No Feedback During 2019

Robert Kubica Questions Williams F1 for No Feedback During 2019

2019 was supposed to be Robert Kubica’s triumphant comeback to F1 racing. Unfortunately, his fairytale return was cruelly taken away from him, courtesy the train-wreck called Williams F1. Initially, some suggested that the Pirelli tyres did not suit the car or Robert Kubica, but that theory was quickly thrown out of the window.

What made things worse for Kubica was that his teammate, George Russell was the far superior driver. The only intra-team battle Kubica won was in the driver’s standings, when he bagged one point in Germany.

The poor campaign at Williams was the straw that broke the camel’s back and he moved to Alfa Romeo in the capacity of a reserve driver. However, he dismissed the ‘cheap excuse’ that the Pirelli tyres were to blame for the team’s poor showing.

“I think I am clever enough and good enough to understand what I should do with the tyres,” Kubica told Motorsport.com. “And still, it’s not a driver which is choosing which way to go and how the tyres should operate, it’s still teamwork.

What does Robert Kubica think is the problem?

Instead, Robert Kubica firmly believes that Williams‘ lack of feedback was the primary culprit. He knew that it was vital to start the season with a good consistency, unfortunately, this never materialised.

He noted that external factors always overshadowed any decent performances, it was always overshadowed by external factors. However, in situations where he knew he should improve, the team rarely shared answers with him.

He mused, “This is something which is worse, because in order to improve you need to understand the reasons. There’s no point of having a medicine for something which isn’t causing your illness.”

Robert Kubica also dismissed suggestions that his severe injuries became a massive stumbling block. He surmised that there were multiple factors, all contributing to one massive problem. In high-speed corners, he struggled, but it was not because of his injury. There were other factors like a lack the grip, but that is normal especially in more challenging areas.

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