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Will Robert Kubica Most Likely Get Replaced At Williams?

Will Robert Kubica Most Likely Get Replaced At Williams?

Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica was expected to have done a fair bit with this season marking his F1 return. Prior to the start of the season itself, there were talks surrounding what was expected to be a much-awaited return of one of racing’s favourite talents.

That said, from the four races seen thus far, it appears that let alone finishing inside points, if Robert Kubica happens to end most contests, it would make for some achievement.

Driving a wretchedly underperforming car, in a team where nothing seems to be going, the talented and experienced F1 driver is perhaps enduring what can only be called his worst nightmare.

With four races done and dusted and the Formula 1 entourage prepared to enter round five at Spain, a destination where it all begins following the pre-season testing, it remains to be seen what will become of the Polish F1 driver at Catalunya?

But what may not keep the Pole any delighted would be the fact that he is slated to begin seventeenth on the grid with the likes of Kimi Raikkonen and Carlos Sainz Jr., inarguably in better machines well in front, let alone those who’ve made it to the top ten.

On top of it, here comes a piece of news that may only disappoint the Williams driver, one whose current struggles aren’t anyway receding.

It appears, that there’s another driver who’s expected to replace the mid-aged Robert Kubica? So one wonders, who’s going to be replacing Robert Kubica, who’s only driven a fourth of the current 2019 F1 season?

A source close to the embattled Williams team shared the following piece of information in regards to Robert Kubica:

Le Journal de Montreal claims that Canadian Nicholas Latifi, the Williams reserve driver whose father is a billionaire, could replace Kubica before the end of the season.

“According to our information, it is time for major decisions within the British team,” the newspaper claimed.

“Apparently Kubica has a clause in his contract stating that he could be replaced during the season.”

That told, what are the realistic chances of the above to come true? Only time can reveal the answer.

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