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Robert Kubica Set for DTM Racing With F1 Testing Driver Role

Robert Kubica Set for DTM Racing With F1 Testing Driver Role

Robert Kubica, after his 2011 Rally Accident proved his doubters wrong. The Polish F1 winner, competed full time in Formula One with a partially severed hand. He scored Williams F1’s only points of the 2019 season to date. Now with his stint in Formula One over, the Robert Kubica has set his eyes on DTM for 2020.

His return to a full time F1 seat was not the greatest of come backs. Williams F1 struggled immensely all season. Shortage of funds meant he would retire in certain races to preserve parts for other races on the calendar. Yet, from a sheer guts’ perspective, his return should be lauded.

After a serious rally accident in 2011, he had a partial amputation of his right forearm and had to endure a fight for his life. With a complete recovery, he was determined to return to Formula One.

A return beckoned

Six years later, he made test drives with Williams F1 and Renault F1. With decent lap times, he was a leading contender to replace Felipe Massa in 2018. He settled for a reserve drive in 2018. In 2019, Williams signed Kubica to partner George Russell for 2019.

A tough season, consistently outperformed by his team mate in testing and qualifying, and most races by his young team mate. However, the chaos of the German Grand Prix and subsequent penalties to the Alfa Romeo F1 team, promoted him to 10th. It was nearly 9 years since he last scored F1 championship points. In doing so, he set the record for the longest gap between points scored in the sport.

Before the Singapore Grand Prix, he announced he will leave Williams end of 2019 . It’s now emerged he wants to compete in DTM. He joins the likes of Paul di Resta, Pascal Wehrlein as former F1 drivers who have competed in DTM. Both former drivers have enjoyed success in DTM.

It’s reported that he will be having a F1 testing role and DTM racing role. He’s been in talks with Haas F1 and Racing Point F1 for such roles.

Speaking ahead of his last race in Formula One,

“Definitely I’m looking for a big challenge, and definitely DTM, which is the highest probability that I will be racing [in], it’s probably the toughest championship apart of Formula 1 in Europe.
“I think, let’s put it this way, if I manage to race there, I would be happy with it – and if we manage to combine a few things to make everybody happy, I’m open to this.”

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