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Robert Kubica Suggests An Idea About Williams’ Improvement

Robert Kubica Suggests An Idea About Williams’ Improvement

Robert Kubica

The only way Williams can improve according to experienced driver Robert Kubica is by way of transparency. Robert Kubica, who happens to be a driver who’s making a comeback is already shocked and inarguably upset by both- the condition of the 2019 Williams car and how low has the team’s morale been in a season where only 3 races have been held, thus far.

But then the returning Pole also stated that above anything else, there seems to be one way in which his Williams racing outfit can improve. Wondering what that is? Robert Kubica, 34, stated that transparency for the Wiliams team is the key measure.

The more the transparency surrounding the issues and addressing them, the better the chances of Williams’ at improving them.

The list of woes concerning Williams, something that’s been staring the team directly in the eye doesn’t seem to come to an end. And to make matters worse, as if the problems weren’t just in being at the bottom end of the grid this year, the future of Williams, following Paddy Lowe’s exit seems to have made matters worse.

To that end, Robert Kubica, who also happens to have competed in 33 rallies wherein he scored 14 stage wins, shared the following:

“No one in Williams, as an employee, is happy about the situation, no one. In the end, everybody is wishing and hoping that things will get better, but on the other hand, we are all aware that we have to work hard.

That Williams, at best, can only now become a solid midfield player, perhaps akin to an Alfa Romeo, McLaren or Racing Point (with Alfa Romeo being the best of the battle among the midfielders) seems the only inevitable.

To add further, Robert Kubica, with 79 race starts (F1) against his name would go on to share, ” if someone is not aware, it’s only dreaming, because only with hard work and being realistic and being transparent to each other will we be able to improve,” Kubica added. If you are not transparent and you are not approaching the situation realistically, you will never improve. Or it will be purely luck, it will not be [because of] you solved the problem or you improved the situation.”

The above told, it still appears that Williams’ improving and punching above their weight is a rather far-fetched reality. Isn’t it?

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