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Robert Kubica Will Not Race in Formula One in 2020

Robert Kubica Will Not Race in Formula One in 2020

It is official, Robert Kubica will no longer race in Formula One in 2020, having felt that one season was enough for him. The Polish veteran made the dreams of millions of his fans come true when he signed for the Williams team for the current season.

Unfortunately, the FW42 was an absolute dog of a car and was firmly resigned to the backmarker role. Meanwhile, it didn’t go much better for Kubica himself, as his teammate George Russell was consistently outperforming him.

On a more positive note, Robert Kubica did bag Williams F1’s only point so far this season. However, realistically speaking, he clinched that point at the topsy turvy 2019 German Grand Prix. He even lucked out when penalties to other drivers were imposed.

Robert Kubica
Williams F1 driver Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica has never been the same ever since his near career-ending rally accident. When he first burst onto the scene, in 2007, he was touted as a promising driver. As an added bonus, he even snatched a maiden win at the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix for BMW Williams. It was special as it had been barely a year after he suffered a monstrous crash at the same circuit.

After BMW left the sport, he joined Renault and would remain there until the end of the 2010 season. Then, unfortunately, his accident occurred, and who knows what could have been.

Speaking in the Thursday press conference, Robert Kubica said, “Definitely it has been the biggest achievement of my life to come back… to go through what happened and still manage to race. Being back on the F1 grid was the best outcome I could imagine.”

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