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Robert Kubica: Is He Driving A Completely Different Car To Russell?

Robert Kubica: Is He Driving A Completely Different Car To Russell?

Robert Kubica

Life doesn’t seem to be any kind on Robert Kubica, the celebrated F1 returnee. Robert Kubica, who¬†participated in the season-opener at Australia finished as a backmarker and failed to score a single point.

Therefore, it won’t make any F1 buff an Einstein to note that of the teams currently competing on the grid, the one that’s really struggling is Williams. Of the ten teams that are vying for points and engaged in wheel-to-wheel racing, Williams have not only not gotten off to a start yet, but their future point-scoring ability too looks doubtful.

So who exactly is to be blamed for this disastrous start to Robert Kubica and hence, Williams’ campaign in 2019?

Apparently, the car that Williams have given Robert Kubica to contest with seems to be engulfed in all sorts of struggles. So implicit has been the presence of reliability factors, aerodynamic troubles that one doesn’t quite know whether Robert Kubica can break into the top ten any time soon.

And now, as if the ongoing struggles with the recalcitrant machinery weren’t any less, it seems that there’s a new concern surrounding Robert Kubica. So what is that concern after all?

Robert Kubica

Well, believe it or not, but it occurs that Polish driver Robert Kubica is actually driving a car that is completely different from the one being driven by his teammate, George Russell. Interestingly, this makes for such a sorry state of affairs that while Russell, also struggling is making his debut, in Robert Kubica- one of F1’s old guards has marked a comeback.

And one can only expect given the evident struggles in that Williams that Robert Kubica is battling chaos. So far, in the free practice held at Bahrain’s Sakhir, Kubica was a second slower than his rookie teammate, George Russell.

Robert Kubica

When contacted to explain what he thought might have been the reason behind this sterling new revelation Robert Kubica shared the following that may come across as a bit of an aberration where team’s consistency and car reliability matter.

“Here we started with the same set-up and the characteristic is still different.

“I thought in Australia that it was maybe caused by some damage to the floor, and maybe a different set-up, but at least after the first session here we got an answer.

“It’s clear that we are driving two different cars with the same set-up, so that is something we need to understand.

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