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Robert Kubica States Lowe Isn’t Alone Responsible For Problems at Williams

Robert Kubica States Lowe Isn’t Alone Responsible For Problems at Williams

Williams F1

Robert Kubica is an experienced hand at Williams. But despite the presence one of the most experienced drivers on the grid, things haven’t really changed. Rather, it must be said, things haven’t moved even one bit.

At present, Robert Kubica’s team hasn’t managed to score a single point. To that end, it doesn’t help one bit that Williams, one of the sport’s legacy sides if one were to put it, seem capable of opening their account anytime soon.

Therefore, to say that all’s not well with Williams would be to say what’s understood. Robert Kubica, who was expected to have thrown in a few punches, do whatever he possibly could’ve in a bid to make something interesting upon his comeback, is himself struggling.

But a few hours back, the Pole opened up about the problems that currently engulf his team. And guess what? Kubica, a man with as many as 79 race starts and 12 podiums shared that the water at Williams runs deep. The 34-year-old driver also mentioned that Willaims’ problems weren’t really restricted to Paddy Lowe alone, an experienced hand at the legendary racing outfit, who happens to be currently serving in the capacity of the team’s chief technical officer.

Now that leaves us with the question that what was it that Robert Kubica shared?

“It’s never a single guy who can make it wrong or make it good,” insisted the Polish driver who returned to the F1 grid after eight years away following injuries sustained in a rallying accident.

Unfortunately, normally the highest person pays the price,” he admitted. “But it’s never one person. Of course, a person can influence, that’s why I think Patrick can help us in the current situation.

“In the end, it’s a lot of people involved in running the team, and making the team being successful or not,” he told Autosport magazine. “It is a complex sport, and requires a lot of group work.

“It’s the question of bigger groups, and bigger people. I think the problems you can see are not only a problem of last month, but it’s also something that was kind of growing.”

Furthermore, it remains to be seen as to what can the struggling team do as it forges a path of recovery, with 18 Grands Prix lying ahead in the 2019 season?

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