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Robert Wickens Making Slow and Steady Progress in Recovery

Robert Wickens Making Slow and Steady Progress in Recovery

Robert Wickens

Robert Wickens suffered possibly one of the worst accidents in motorsports history. While competing in IndyCar, the Schmidt Peterson Motorsports driver was launched in the air in the fence at Pocono Raceway.

His car got airborne and spun several times along the catch fence and as a result he suffered an injury to his spinal cord as well as a thoracic spinal fracture, neck fracture, tibia and fibula fractures to both legs, four broken ribs, a broken right forearm, a broken elbow, fractures in both hands and a pulmonary contusion.

Before this, the 29-year-old rookie from Canada had top finishes of second at Phoenix and Mid-Ohio.

Over the weeks and months, he has provided regular updates of his condition and the status of his progress. While earlier he was dubbed as having paralysis, he later clarified his statement.

This tweet was followed with this:

Now he has made further progress in his recovery and posted a video of him walking, but with a gait training device and crutches for support.

The video is certainly painful to watch, but in true spirits shows how strong he is, in his road to recovery. Amongst those wishing him well was also the 2016 Formula One world champion, Nico Rosberg. He tweeted: “jeez, wishing you lots of strength for the recovery!!!!!”


He posted a similar video 10 days before, which had him drinking coffee to make his blood pressure high. It showcased him taking his first few steps using the gait device.

Robert Wickens voiced a lot of support to Sophia Floersch after her horrific crash in Formula 3 in Macau GP.
“My sincere thoughts go out to SophiaFloersch and her family after her horrible crash in Macau. Stay strong Sophia. Fight the fight” – he first tweeted.

Upon hearing that she was doing well, he tweeted, “After waking up to hear SophiaFloersch was in a horrific crash in Macau. This is incredible news. You’re a strong on Sophia! I saw it first hand at our fitness camps! Hope you have a success surgery and a healthy recovery.”

We hope he find strength in his fight and recovers completely, in time.

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