Roberto Bautista Agut to Represent Spanish Football Club on ATP Tour

July 30, 2020 7:43 pm

Spanish tennis players seem to have a close football background as well. Rafael Nadal has had links with Mallorca and Real Madrid and now his Spanish counterpart Roberto Bautista Agut has also joined hand with his boyhood club Villarreal CF to represent them on the ATP tour.

Bautista Agut was with the Spanish first division side Villarreal CF since childhood as he was a youth player. He had the choice of choosing between football and tennis. And the club hasn’t forgotten him either, as Spain won the Davis Cup last year and the club gave him a golden badge and an award.

Roberto Bautista Agut is the first player on the ATP to have a badge of a football club on his kit

This time Bautista Agut will wear the Villarreal CF’s badge on his sleeve in all his matches, as per the club’s statement. The collaboration is for two and a half years. It took place in the presence of Villarreal president Fernando Roig.

“Villarreal CF has taken a step forward with its links with tennis player Roberto Bautista, who will continue to be one of the great flag bearers of the Endavant Esports project. During the upcoming two-and-a-half seasons, the sportsman will wear the Villarreal CF badge on his playing kit –  more precisely, on his sleeve – in every tournament, he takes part in on an individual level, within the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF), as well as in the four Grand Slams, and representing his country too,” Villarreal in the statement.

“This is an innovative initiative, as he will be the first elite tennis player who will wear the badge of a football club on his kit.”

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This makes Bautista Agut the first tennis player to wear a badge of a football club on his kit. He will use the club’s facilities and services as well.

Last year, Bautista Agut said that it was a tough decision to choose between football and tennis and that he feels lucky to have played both.

This is an interesting partnership between the player and the club. It’s great to see the two sports coming together.

Source: Villarreal CF

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